Monday, February 26, 2007

Where everyone's a straight shooter!

The nerve of some people! I've been aware of a site for a while called "The Gun Guys" (no, I won't link to it, I won't give them anymore traffic) in which the anti's and Brady forces spread disinformation and outright lies about guns, people who own guns and the 2+ Million people every year who defend their lives with a gun, most without firing a shot. These lies have got to stop going unchallenged!

This blog will be dedicated to displaying the positive uses of guns, from target shooting to civilian self defense and everything in between. We will use logic and sound reason to counter the emotional, but logically lacking arguments from those who would have you stripped of your second amendment rights and helpless; dependant on someone else to protect you when you used to be able to protect yourself.

This I promise you, everyone here is a straight shooter, unlike at the gun guys site.