Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Gun Manners

I ran across this etiquette guide for gun folk courtesy of Rifleman's Journal. Check it out!

Gun Manners
  1. Don't touch another person's firearm without permission.
  2. Don't ask if a person is armed.
  3. Don't ask if the owner has ever been in an armed confrontation.
  4. Don't ask to "see" a firearm that is being carried by someone.
  5. If allowed to examine another's firearm--especially a prized or valuable one-- try to keep your fingerprints off the metal and if you do accidentally leave fingerprints let the owner know so that they may be removed to prevent finish damage if so desired.
  6. Clear a firearm and lock the action open before handing a firearm to another person, and ask the owner of a firearm to do so before they hand it to you, no matter what the owner claims.
  7. If unfamiliar with the operation of a particular firearm, ask the owner to demonstrate and to "show clear" before you handle it.
  8. Don't drop an autopistol's slide on an empty chamber, nor "flip" a revolver's cylinder closed.
  9. Don't drop the hammer to "test" the trigger without the owner's permission.
  10. If allowed to fire someone else's firearm offer to pay for the ammunition., or return the favor and offer your firearm to be fired.
  11. If you are allowed to borrow a firearm for an extended period of time, return it on time, and return it cleaned and lubricated--even if it was dirty when you received it.
  12. Don't criticize another's firearm nor start telling them what it needs to be "better" unless they ask for your opinion.
  13. After a shooting session, pick up your brass, targets, and clean up your area.