Monday, June 11, 2007

Legislation, Registration, Confiscation

More "feel good" legislation.

What part of "the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." do these idiots not understand? Congressman Rush only has to look to Canada for an example of how well a national gun registry would work. *sigh*


Illinois congressman introduces 'Blair's Bill'

WLS By Sarah Schulte

An Illinois lawmaker is proposing a law he hopes will stop the violence that takes the lives of young people.

The legislation is called "Blair's Bill," named after Julian High School Student Blair Holt. He died after using his body to shield and save the life of a female friend during a shooting on a CTA bus.

It was exactly one month ago when Blair Holt was killed at 103rd Street and Halsted. Sunday, Blair's father Ronald Holt, who is a police officer, stood with Congressman Bobby Rush and other community leaders to talk about the bill.

Contrell Pettis was Blair's friend and was riding the bus with Holt when two teens opened fire one May afternoon, killing Holt and injuring four other students of Julian High School. He stood with the others Sunday but did not want to speak publicly.

"He [Pettis] suffered a gunshot to his funnybone, and he is just now getting sensation about," said Ronald Holt.

After his son's death, Ronald Holt and his family pondered how to save others from gun violence.

"We came together and talked about what can we do lawfully to get the guns off the streets and to keep control of the guns that do make it to the streets so they don't get into the wrong hands," Ronald Holt said.

Congressman Rush, who lost his own son to gun violence, says the proposed licensing program is similar to way get licenses are given to drivers. Guns would be part of national registry.

"Blair's Bill will implement an nationwide program of licensing," Rush said. "Blair's Bill will assist law enforcement in tracking the flow of guns and require those who possess them to be trained in gun safety."

Blair's Bill that would have its critics, notably the gun lobby.

A 15-year-old and a 16-year-old have been indicted on murder and attempted murder charges for the CTA bus shooting. They've been charged as adults.

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