Thursday, February 14, 2008

So now what?

Another university shooting. By now everyone knows that a nut went into a university (which had a gun-free policy) in Illinois (a state that has essentially banned all guns) and fired away at a bunch of innocent unarmed individuals. This time the shooter wasn't even a student at the school.

So now what? What are students supposed to do?

States have tried gun bans. They failed. Universities have tried gun bans. They failed too. The Brady Bunch will be capitalizing on the event again tomorrow with cries that "had only there been more stringent gun control" the whole thing could have been avoided.

Fine. Politics and idiots will keep being stupid. The question in my mind is what would I tell my kids to do if they were attending a university?

First, I would ask them if they would consider coming home. An education may be important, but you can get your stupid piece of paper rubber stamped through correspondence courses. So why live in a death trap that proclaims civil rights, but denies the right to self-defense?

Second, if they refused to or were unable to come home, I would tell them that they're going to be getting a package. It's going to have a 9mm, a box of premium hollow-point ammo, and a spare clip. The grips will be Crimson Trace. In addition, there is going to be a holster appropriate for them to carry it under deep concealment.

I know. I sound like such a radical. I would just tell my kid to violate the university laws and carry concealed anyway? Yep. An unjust law is not a law that must be followed. If the state is going to deny the right of self-defense to its citizens then the state must guarantee the safety of those same citizens. If they cannot or will not make such a guarantee then the law is fundamentally and unequivocally unjust. Therefore it is not a law my son or daughter should submit to.

This is called civil disobedience. It is the refusal to comply with certain laws as a form of political protest. However, it is more than that. It is a statement of the simple truth that you and you alone are responsible for your safety.

The police in Illinois have admitted that there was nothing they could have done to have stopped this event from starting. The university will say the same thing. However, what they will not say is that had one law-abiding student in that audience been armed and able to use a firearm in self-defense the killer would still be dead, but others might have lived and still others would not have been wounded.

As for me, I want my child to come home alive - even if it means she's charged with a felony for saving her own life.

Go ahead, call me a radical. Call me a nut. I don't care. I love my children and I want them to rely on themselves for their lives, not on a police station fifteen minutes away.