Saturday, November 24, 2007

Plate Match Today

I didn't win, but I had fun and that's what counts. The Volquartsen vertical compensator I put on my Ruger 22/45 worked great. I noticed a definite reduction in muzzle jump with it on. I heartily recommend it! Not only does it work, but it looks great too!

Here are a couple videos I took at the match. I'm not in these but I thought people would find them interesting.

In this first one, John Goss is in the foreground with Jim Breen on the other side with Jeffersonian officiating. They are each shooting .22's with red dot's.

Here we see Jeffersonian taking on Jim Breen for the overall match winner. The best two out of three wins. Jeffersonian is shooting his GP100 in .357 Mag while Jim is shooting a .22 again.

I was also going to sight in my SKS with the donated red dot after the match today, but the honest truth is I was so cold at that point that I chickened out and came home. I'll try and get it sighted in asap though. When I do I'll be sure and take some pictures!