Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wolverton Mountain Gun Club Pin Shoot

Yesterday, Jeffersonian and I went up to the Wolverton Mountain Gun Club for their bowling pin shoot. This was the second time I've taken part in the shoot, but Jeffersonian's been up there many times. That's me at the left, blowing the snot out of the advancing evil bowling pin horde with my Ruger GP100.

We got there just after 9AM and got signed and holstered up for the match. I was shooter 10 out of 11, so I got to observe the other shooters prior to my time on the firing line.

For this match I used the same 9 gn Blue Dot, Federal MSPP and 158 gn Hornady LRN bullet load I used previous. Oddly, this time I didn't notice the recoil and no blister was rubbed in my thumb. Weird.

My favorite and best round, was the last one, where the shooter is seated with his hands on his knees, with a loaded pistol on the "table" in front of him. At the beep, the shooter picks up the pistol and knocks over the four pins on the platform in front of him, reloads, and with the strong hand only, shoots the pin on the ground as the stop pin. Failure to follow this leads to a :03 penalty.

If you have a chance to shoot bowling pins, I recommend you give it a try!