Friday, October 26, 2007

Gun Love!

Oh my, where to begin?

Tex Slim (not his real name I'm sure), a free-lance journalist from Lubbock, TX opened forth his mouth and did spew out this bit of tripe. Go ahead and read it (and comment) if you want to, but I'll hit the highpoints here and give my thoughts. Gotta love the anti's though, they're nothing if not predictable.

The first thing this idiot did is smear one of my favorite music groups, big time gun guys (so I've been told) ZZ Top. Don't mess with the Top! The spew is entitled "ZZ Top's GUN LOVE all the rage on college campuses." Click here for the lyrics to "Gun Love", and here to watch a video of a guy loading and shooting a BP revolver with the song playing.

Hold your nose, we're diving in!

"Just when everybody thought college campuses were a peace loving bunch a new idea has surfaced that could bring back the "ugly" american past known as "gunslinger era".This is "Guns On Campus" week and of course Texas Tech students(fringe group,hopefully)will be wearing empty holsters protesting rules and maybe even state law that prohibits concealed weapons on any school campus.This "empty holster" protest will last from Oct 22-Oct 26 and is thought to have 110 college campuses effected. (Shouldn't that be 'affected'? -Yuri)"

First this guy seems to have deluded himself into thinking that college campuses are some magical bastion of peace and tranquility, a Utopian island amid the wild and uncivilized outside world. Last time I checked, schools were still a part of the community and all of the same problems that exist outside don't magically stop at the property line. Every crime that occurs off campus, robbery, rape and murder, to name just a few, occur on campus as well. What makes this guy think that the students are any safer on campus than off? I got it, he "feels" that it is so, and therefore it least in the fantasy world he has made for himself in his own head.

And then he brings up another anti talking point, that concealed carry will lead to wild west shootouts. I have news for him, concealed carry is the law in the majority of states now and the data is in, the nightmare scenario of blood running in the streets has never happened. Why should students who have their CCW permit have to sacrifice their own security for the unfounded "feelings" of hoplophobes? Shouldn't laws be based in facts and logic and not feelings and emotion? That is what this protest is all about. For taking part in this protest he libels decent, law-abiding young people as "gun nuts" (in the next paragraph) a "fringe group" and rounds it up by likening the protest to a disease that "effects" other schools.

"I,being a former Tech student and staff,have never been comfortable with the "Andy Taylor/Barney Fife" types calling themselves campus cops with that "heater" on their hip.I remember a plump elderly fella at Tech med school named "Todd" who proudly carried his "heater" on hip and when I ask him about safety being on he replied,"They don't give me NO BULLETS".I guess he was gonna use his "heater" to pistol whip criminals since he had no ammo.Some years ago Tech med school had a Levelland boxer(Robin Blake) on campus cop roster and we all know about boxers and guns(deadly mix).

My best advice to those characters carrying empty holsters is put a LARGE water pistol in that holster(NO ALCOHOL-PROHIBITED ON CAMPUS) and "Wash away those criminals".For the more adventuresome protesters I could recommend the local US military induction center since personel are in demand for this thing called "IRAQ WAR"."

Way to smear people with broad brush generalizations there "Tex". I've seen my share of overweight security personnel and "mall ninjas" but now you're just trying to be mean. And what's the deal with boxers and guns anyway? Apparently we don't all know about them, so clue us in here. I could generalize about hopolophobic, free-lance journalists from Lubbock, TX as bed wetting pussies but that wouldn't be right, even if it may be correct.

Listen closely dip-shit, it's not about shooting guns and killing people that these students are protesting for, it's about being able to protect themselves if the need arises. Saying that they should join the army if they want to carry guns is disingenuous. Oh, and you misspelled 'personnel'.

"Some Texas colleges such as UT and Texas A&M will probably be involved since guns were allowed on campus in the 60's when Charles Whitman shot up UT campus and fellow students were seen "firing back" at Whitman with their "hunting" rifles.More than likely some "gung-ho" military cadets and instructors at A&M will wear service revolver holsters empty as a show of support for "Guns On Campus" movement.


The learning impaired community(college students,faculty&staff) want to carry concealed handguns on campus??


"Tex" continues his streak by associating the protesters with the likes of Charles Whitman and then basically calls them "retarded." Again, I could make disparaging comments about the size of his genitals and the like, but that wouldn't be right...

Texas is "Gun Country"? Cool! :-)

Um, exactly who are you praying to there at the end "Tex", Sarah Brady...Nancy Pelosi perhaps...or Hillary Clinton? Who cares...

This little screed demonstrates the difference between the pro-rights and the anti-rights sides. They are losing and they know it, and when faced with a lack of facts and logic on their side, they resort to grade school insults and name calling.

Goodbye Tex, don't let the door hit you on the way out.