Saturday, October 27, 2007

Plate Match Round-up

Well, I didn't suckage was on full display this morning up at the range.

A mis-feed with my 22/45 popped me into the losers bracket, from which I never recovered. My sights were mis-adjusted on my GP100, causing me to shoot low. I managed to raise the rear sight 5 or 6 clicks and I was back on target, but my confidence was blown. Plus, the new load I am trying kicks harder than I'm used to, add to that the fact that the LRN bullets I loaded have a small ledge between the body and the nose part which hangs on the chamber edges in my cylinder. This makes it hard to do a fast reload from my speedloaders. I also tried shooting my Kahr CW9 today for the first time in competition and had trouble with pulling the muzzle down slightly as I pulled the trigger. As the match went on though I managed to work out of that to a large extent. Once I stopped doing that I managed to hit a lot of the plates just fine. I wasn't good enough though to hang with the other autoloader shooters. This being the first time I've shot it in competition though I'm sure I'll improve over time.

So, not a great day at the range, but winning is secondary for me. I go to the plate match just for the fun of it and the fellowship of the other shooters. I'll keep working at my accuracy and shooting technique and improve. :-)