Friday, October 19, 2007

Recall Joaquin Jackson

A movement to recall NRA board member Joaquin Jackson from office has been gaining steam recently. I have just been made aware of a new blog dedicated to his removal here. Please go and show your support for this effort, and if you are a voting member of the NRA, please download the recall petition.

If you are unaware of the reasons for his needing recalling, I'll refer you to the following quotes from a television interview he gave.
"Well, I'm a person that believes in a weapon should never…I personally believe a weapon should never have over a – far as civilian – 5 round capacity. If a hunter, if you're a hunter if you're gonna go hunting with a weapon, you shouldn't need over but one round…"
"Well we've talked, we've discussed it you know, but uh this thing about assault weapons has been a kind of a touchy deal, but personally, I think these assault weapons basically need to be in the hands of the military and they need to be in the hands of the police, but uh, as far as assault weapons to a civilian, if you… if you… it's alright if you got that magazine capacity down to five…"
To be fair, he did post a "spin control" retraction later on, but it is basically unsatisfying in a, "cover your ass" sort of way.

Here's the video for your reference: