Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wherefore Art Thou, Robyn Ringler?

It has been almost a month since we last heard from our favorite commentally challenged anti-blogger, and that was merely to take credit for the "I do not accept comments because I don't have time and I'm always right!" quip in her blurb. Apparently she doesn't even have time to post anything new. Lest you think this is a personal attack, I'll say right now that is not so. Of all the anti-bloggers, she was one of the more entertaining. Her posts were always a highpoint, with fresh material to fisk; a veritable banquet of long disproved anti-gun talking points and emotional hysteria.

There is Bryan Miller of course, but let's face it, there's a nastiness to his posts which makes them hard to read, at least in one sitting. He's not afraid to get personal either, which is another mark against him. In fact, currently, he is involved with an on going feud with Scott Bach with whom he lost a televised debate back in 2004. One can see how that experience would make him a little testy, but it's still no excuse for losing your cool.

Well, Robyn, wherever you might be, here's to hoping you make it back to post yet another overly long and emotion driven piece as to why we should ban all guns. And if you decide to pack it in, like many have before you, there's no shame it that. Logic and facts win out every time over emotion and biased, discredited research.

Until next time, sweet dreams!