Friday, October 12, 2007

Sarah Brady, Blood Dancer

I just got an email from Sarah Brady. No, it wasn't an invitation to her Columbus Day BBQ, and no it wasn't an invite to her annual charity wheel chair race either. It was a solicitation asking for more money to help destroy my civil rights, using the latest school shooting as grist for her bloody donation mill. Nowhere in the email does she mention the six kids killed in Wisconsin by a deranged police officer. Where is her outrage about this? Are the lives of the school kids in Ohio worth more to her from a publicity standpoint than those snuffed out in Wisconsin? Do you still think that only Police and the Military are the only people who should have guns Sarah? be careful, your hypocrisy is showing...

Here's the email, and my comments.
More Guns at Schools While Senate Stalls on Improving Background Checks

Your support can help us break the logjam on a bill to strengthen the Brady law's NICS

Dear Mr. Orlov,

I'm once again heartbroken that a deranged teenager was so easily able to get his hands on two guns and ammunition, shooting four people before killing himself at a Cleveland school on Wednesday.

Together, we must stop senseless tragedies like this. And we can.
So, what do you propose we do Sarah? How about making murder more illegal, or making the "Gun Free Zone" signs just a little larger to make sure the bad guys see them. And how exactly is this, so called, NICS Improvement Bill supposed to have stopped a criminal who wasn't even old enough to legally own those guns in the first place?
The first thing we must do is convince the U.S. Senate to strengthen the Brady background check system by passing the National Instant Check System (NICS) Improvement Act.
In other words, you want to deprive even more people of their rights, rightly or wrongly, just so you can feel good about yourself? Here's some news for you lady, my rights are not there to improve your sense of self satisfaction. More feel good legislation that only affects the law abiding and which will be ignored by the criminals is not going to help matters any. How about you go after the real source of the problems, repeat criminal offenders?
Will you help me by making a special contribution to the Brady Campaign right now? Your contribution will be used to bring pressure to bear on the Senate, garner media attention, and rally public support for this critical bill.
Um, let me think about this...HELL NO!
Next week will be the six-month anniversary of the Virginia Tech tragedy where 32 were shot and killed. Since then, almost 6,000 sisters, brothers, fathers, and mothers have been murdered by guns.
While it may or may not have helped in the VT case, allowing CCW permit holders to lawfully keep their arms for defense of themselves and others around them is a huge step forward. Guns don't kill people Sarah, criminals misusing guns do.
Immediately following the Virginia Tech shootings, the Brady Campaign pressed elected officials by asking "What are YOU going to do about gun violence?"
What have you done about criminals who misuse guns to commit violence? You say you don't want to ban guns, and then you turn around and support gun bans. Liar. All you will accomplish is rendering the law abiding defenseless and empowering the criminal element.
In July, the U.S. House of Representatives took a courageous first step to keep guns out of the wrong hands by passing HR 2640, the NICS Improvement Act.
We all know whose hands are the wrong hands Sarah, the hands of every law abiding, freedom loving, gun owner in the nation! Don't lie to me, I know better.
Many states fail to supply thousands of records of prohibited gun buyers to the national Brady background check system. The result is that felons, domestic violence abusers, and those who are dangerously mentally ill can walk into gun stores or gun shows and buy weapons without being stopped.

The NICS Improvement Act would address this critical problem.

But the U.S. Senate has failed to take action and get this bill passed. The consequences of their inaction are a steady drumbeat of gun deaths, more student shooting rampages, more carnage, and untold suffering by the victims and their families.

The Senate should act to pass this important bill!
You mean the gun control expansion bill that expands the already illegal law? The one that has every gun control loving representative drooling in their eagerness to support it? The same bill the NRA is shortsightedly supporting? The same bill that will come around to bite them in the ass later on? Thanks, but no thanks Sarah. You can keep your phony act.
The Brady Campaign is working full force to convince the U.S. Senate to pass this bill immediately. Tragically, 32 Americans are murdered by guns every day and we cannot afford to wait another day for them to take action.
Again, guns don't murder anyone, criminals do. How many of these 32 a day you claim, are criminals, already disallowed from having guns, killing other criminals? How many are criminals shot by law abiding citizens who were defending themselves? How many are victims disarmed by gun bans and other unconstitutional restrictions which you support?
We need your support today to put pressure on the U.S. Senate to pass this legislation and help stop the senseless violence.

Please make a contribution of $25 or more right now to help fund our efforts to pass this important bill in the Senate.
If you really wanted to stop the senseless violence you'd go after the real source of the problem, criminals, and not law abiding citizens. Once again, I'd sooner crawl across broken glass, gouge out my eyes with broken sporks and eviscerate myself with a rusty pair of scissors, while rolling around in rock salt, than donate money to you and your organization. Is that clear enough for you?"
Sarah Brady, Chair