Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More PSH

Gun-Shaped Belt Buckle Causes Police Response

A belt buckle shaped like a pistol got a lot of attention at Edmonton City Hall.

The tipster says he noticed the gun as the man was tucking in his shirt. Police descended upon the building shortly before noon yesterday after receiving an anonymous tip that a man was in one of the building's washrooms with a gun.

But it turned out there was no weapon, just the oversized belt buckle.

Edmonton Police Service spokesman Jeff Wuite says the tipster said there was a suspicious-looking guy in the restroom with a firearm tucked into his belt.

Officers responded and found the man, along with two other people.

The trio were put on the ground, handcuffed and searched. Wuite says even though the call turned out to be bogus, police take all firearms calls seriously.