Tuesday, January 8, 2008

S&W Model 36 "Chief's Special" Info

The last few times I've been in a certain shop which sells guns , I've had a certain revolver calling to me, "Yuri, take me home!" The problem is, I have no real reason to buy it, but yet it still keeps calling my name.

It's a S&W Model 36 "Chief's Special" in ".38 S&W Special", "J" frame, 5 shot snubnose with a 1 7/8" (near as I could measure) pinned barrel.
The pinned barrel means it was made before 1982, my research tells me. The firing pin is attached (pinned) to the hammer and the side plate has two screws in it, if that makes any difference.

Condition: It looks for all the world like it spent it's life living in a holster. There is definite holster wear at the muzzle and the breech face bears the distinct impressions of long gone cartridges. It is a little dirty, but that's nothing a good scrubbing wouldn't fix. I pulled back the hammer and cylinder movement seemed to be within acceptable limits. Rifling is a little worn, but looks at least as good as a lot newer revolver which was also on display. The firing pin seems a bit loose and will move slightly up and down (no side to side), is this normal?

Serial #: (update) 82J841. Any idea how old it is?

Price: The shop wants $250 for it. I'm inclined to think this is a fair price.

So...any advice, information or opinions?