Friday, January 11, 2008


Here's some follow-up from the last post. In this news story, the stalkers family had this to say:

"Ryan Lee Bergner was a "gentle" and "kind" man, and his family "can't even believe" he would break into a woman's house and try to hurt her, his sister-in-law said Wednesday night.

"It's just so shocking for such a gentle person to die in such a violent way," said Becky Bergner, who is married to Ryan Lee Bergner's brother.

"He did not go there that evening to hurt her, as far as the Ryan that we know.""

Pardon me while I throw-up.

A few paragraphs down:

"Officers found Bergner, 41, wearing black leather gloves, sprawled out in the bedroom."

Victim: "Wowee Mr. Bad Guy, what big gloves you have on!"

Bad Guy: "All the better to strangle you with my dear! Plus, I won't leave any nasty fingerprints in your home or on your dead body!"

If I had a dollar for every time the family of the bad guy goes on about what a kind and gently man he was, how he fed the orphans and sheltered stray animal, I'd be a rich guy.