Friday, January 18, 2008

What the Anti's Want

Sear and Hammer has a rather graphic video on his blog of a vicious attack in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) in which a woman was stabbed over seventy times by a knife wielding psychopath. The bystanders try ineffectually several times to "karate kick" the attacker into submission without success. This attack goes on for some time before someone is able to drag him off of her. Fortunately the victim lived, although she still suffers from the aftereffects. After trying brutally to kill this woman, the attacker only got four years in prison.

Four freaking years!

In a perfect world, a helpful bystander would have pulled out their gun and blown the motherf&%#@& away. No trial, no parole, no coming back to harm his victim in four years.

Here is what wikipedia has to say about Netherlands gun law:

"Dutch gun law is typical of the Western European approach. Firearm possession is not subject to any constitutional protections, but regulated simply in the Arms and Ammunition Act (Wet Wapens en Munitie). Weapons, including firearms, are divided into four categories, and for each of the categories a certain maximum punishment is set for "voorhanden hebben" (possession), and "dragen" (carrying in public).

Only citizens who are members of hunting and shooting sports clubs may obtain licences for weapons. And even then they may only get a licence for category III weapons (sports weapons).

Firearm possession and use by the military and the police is not subject to Arms and Ammunition Act, but regulated separately.

Sale is only for those age 17 or over."

So basically, every law abiding citizen is unarmed. No wonder the only weapons on display in this video is a knife (held by the bad guy) and hands, feet and a stick (held by the law abiding citizens).

This is the kind of world the anti's want, this is what they want for the USA. They want to make everyone defenseless against every criminal deprivation; like lambs to the slaughter.

Together, we can stop them, but it requires ever diligence and no compromise with evil. And just remember, when they say they don't want to ban your kind of gun, it's only a matter of time before they come for you, and by then there will be no-one to speak up for you.

There are no separate groups. There are no "hunters" or "shooters" or "shotgunners", there is only "Gun Owners". Think about it, with 80M plus gun owners in this nation, do you think the politicians would listen if 80M people stood together with one voice and said "No More!"?

I think they would.

So get involved, join a gun rights group, stand up for your rights, because no-one else is going to. Together, we can stop them and take back all of the rights the second amendment promises up.

UPDATE: Gun Debate Critic has also covered this story and I somehow overlooked it.