Thursday, May 17, 2007

Come again?

Does he seriously think we're stupid?

"CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- A police officer pleaded not guilty Wednesday to beating a female bartender, and to threatening to arrest bar employees in a failed attempt to suppress a video of the attack that has been viewed around the world.

In a brief hearing, Anthony Abbate's attorney entered not guilty pleas to all 15 felony counts of aggravated battery, official misconduct, intimidation, conspiracy and communicating with a witness.

"He's pleading not guilty because he is not guilty," Peter Hickey said after the hearing. "And we expect at the end, the conclusion of the trial, that that's what the outcome will be."


For those of you with short attention spans, here's the video of him not misbehaving.

...and these are the very same people the Brady Bunch would have us believe are the only ones who should have guns?

Yeah right...tell me another one Sarah!


Also found on The War on Guns.