Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I get the most interesting visitors...

Looking through my logs today, I discovered that I had received a visit from WAVE (Wisconsin Anti Violence Effort). What were they looking for exactly? This is it, which makes sense if you look at their site. They list links from them on their home page. It's kind of sad actually. Why don't they choose a more reputable news source to put on their Internet site? After all, aren't we judged by the company we keep.

Visits from anti-gun groups are nothing new to me (the Brady's,, but so far I've just let it slide.

Guys, if it's education you're after, just let me know. I'm not saying you anti's are ignorant, or even lacking general education or knowledge about firearms, but if past experience is any indicator, y'all need some help.

For instance: A Clip is what feeds ammunition into a magazine. A Magazine is what holds the ammunition. And a "Barrel Shroud" is a SAFETY feature which prevents second and third degree burns.

If y'all made an effort to educate yourselves, you wouldn't come across as ignorant as you do. It doesn't help either when one of your elected mouthpieces in Congress reveals on national television that she has no clue what a barrel shroud is, even though her own bill expressly bans it.

That is all...