Wednesday, May 16, 2007

First there was "a rifle behind every blade of grass"... there's a shotgun behind every stuffed animal!

A 10 month old Illinois toddler becomes a legal gun owner. Story and pithy commments from our good old friends the Brits. I'm sure that his dad will give him the proper guidance when he gets old enough to actually use it.

For the record, I think that "Bubba" is adorable, and his getting a FOID card only points out the stupidity of gun control and this particular gun control scheme. The only real crimes here are that he had to get a FOID to begin with and that his dad named him "Bubba."

Trigger nappy: 10-month-old baby given firearm's licence
Last updated at 12:51pm on 16th May 2007

A baby called Bubba has proved even an 10-month-old child can own a gun in America.

The tot from Illinois received his Firearm Owner's Identification card - no question's asked- after his father filled in an online application form and paid just £2.50.

"My 10-month-old son has the cutest FOID card," Howard Ludwig wrote in a U.S newspaper.

"As an FOID card holder, baby Bubba can own a firearm, as well as ammunition, in Illionois."

The card lists the youngsters height, (2 ft, 3 inches) and his weight (20 pounds.)

"Since Bubba can't sign his name, I simply placed a pen in his hand. He made the scribble," Bubba's father added.

Mr Ludwig, a Daily Southtown columnist, said he applied for the tot's legal gun ownership after the baby's grandfather bought him a shotgun as a present.

"The Wife wasn't excited," Mr Ludwig said.

"Despite her Texas upbringing she's under the impression that books and pyjamas are somehow better baby gifts."

The loophole Mr Ludwig has found was that guns are only refused to convicted felons and those subject to an active order of protection. At 10-months-old Bubba hadn't broken any of these rules.

"It makes an adorable addition to his baby book," Mr Ludwig said.