Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Phantom Menace

In an article found here, Bloomberg blasts the FOP as a "Fringe Organization" and tries to promote his illegal stings in other states. Below is a graphic from the story I found rather ironic.

Whether through just plain ignorance or genuine stupidity, they chose to illustrate "The Gun Menace" with a Beretta Tomcat chambered in .32 ACP. Now the Tomcat is one of the least threatening pocket pistols in existence, just slightly more threatening than anything in .25 ACP or .22LR. And it only holds seven rounds in the magazine, eight if you load one in the snout via the flip up barrel. Yeah, I'd hate to get shot with anything, and any gun is better than no gun, but a .32 ACP round has a better chance of pissing the Bad Guy off than stopping him. As with any bullet though, it's all about shot placement, but bigger is better.