Saturday, May 19, 2007

You wouldn't want to scare the Sheeple...

Found at The War on Guns

*shakes head in disgust*

"It turns out the Goshen man in his 20s, whom police didn’t identify, is on leave from the Army Rangers and was training for his physical fitness test. The “rifle” was made of rubber...

Before starting his cross-town jog, the man called Goshen Town Police and told them what he would be doing, Jakubczyk said. But once he crossed into Blooming Grove, the calls started coming in and police had no answers for frightened residents."
So the automatic assumption is the guy was up to no good. When did the mere sight of a gun in public start to send the sheeple into a panic and give them a case of the dry heaves? There was a time in this country where people saw guns everyday, and noone thought they were in any danger.

Could it be that the only time people see a gun anymore, is in a movie or on TV, and the person holding it is a criminal or a cop? Somehow, without it actually being declared so, in spirit, we've already disarmed the population.

After all, why would anyone want a gun, unless they were a criminal, a hunter or a cop? Right?


I suppose the only reason noone has called the cops on me yet is because they can't see my gun. I carry it concealed all the time. If I didn't I wonder how different the people I interact with everyday would react?

Unfortunately, I think I already know the answer.