Thursday, March 6, 2008

22 Match This Morning

My range has started a new match on Thursday mornings for .22's. So this morning I packed up the kids and dropped them off at school and then proceeded to the range. The match started at 9AM and I managed to get there just in time to shoot in the second relay. I also shot an additional target for no score for the practice.

The targets were set out at 50 yards and consisted of twenty five small bullseyes and three sighters, which I needed because my custom Ruger 10/22 had been sighted in for 100 yards. I shot the low velocity Federal Premium .22lr (40gn LRN - 1,050 FPS) today.

I finally got my scope sighted in on the sighters and shot my first target. I didn't do too badly, though there were better shooters than I there. For the first target I got 177 out of 250 points. The second target I did better with 182 out of 250 points, but that one didn't count.

Even though I didn't win I had fun and that's what counts!