Sunday, March 16, 2008

FedEx is Anti Gun

We get e-mail...

Reader William Ewan sent me a scan of some correspondence he received from FedEx in response to his question if it was indeed company policy that no guns be allowed on company property. He asked this because of the signs he'd seen posted at an area FedEx store.

Mr. Ewan specifically requested that his name and address be shown so that FedEx would know exactly who it was that was costing them business. I have honored his request. Below is a scan of the letter he got back from FedEx.

Interesting... Perhaps if Chuck Noland* had had a firearm when his company plane crashed into the ocean, perhaps his island ordeal would have gone a little better. It certainly would have made hunting easier.

Well folks, it looks like it's time to add FedEx to the list of businesses we here at The Real Gun Guys will never do business with again.

*Yes, I'm aware he's a fictional character.