Sunday, March 16, 2008

Smoking Some Pins

I went up with Jeffersonian yesterday morning to the Wolverton Mountain Gun Club in tiny Ariel, WA for their monthly pin shoot. How did I do? Honestly not that great, but I had fun and that's all that matters.

The main problem with pins is they fall over and roll around on the table instead of leaving the table. You have to shoot them in just the right place to get them to fly off the table. If you're lucky, they'll roll off the side of the table without you having to shoot them again. Also, when they're laying on the table you're presented with a much smaller target than when they were upright. Contrast this to an eight inch steel plate that falls over and stays down once hit.

Anyway, I had a blast (pun intended) and was happy with my trigger control and my reloads have improved a lot since last time. Here I am (right) preparing to draw my revolver at the beginning of a stage.

My GP-100 ate all of my handloads just fine and everything performed flawlessly. The two new (to me) speed loaders I got at the last Barberton gun show worked great. I like that I only have to insert the cartridges into the cylinder and push the button instead of having to turn the knob. To me it's a more natural motion.

This last picture is of me trying to persuade some bowling pins to leave the table. The damn things were laying down on the job instead of flying off the table like good little pins would. According to another shooter, the trick is to aim for the bottom stripe on the neck. If shot COM like I was doing they just fall over and lay down.

I'll have to remember that for next time!