Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ammo Recomendation

I know I posted earlier about my dislike for Remington Thunderbolt .22lr, but at the time I was still using their Golden Bullet brand. Well, that ends now. I shot the monthly plate match up at my gun club today (right photo, thanks Jeffersonian!) with my trusty Ruger 22/45 and I had:

1 stuck in the chamber, which I cleared by pushing a chamber flag down from the muzzle.
1 jammed beneath the feed ramp, requiring a pair of pliers to clear.
3 duds, one of which cost me the match.

I had one get stuck "hard" in the chamber last month and a dud or two as well. The same type of thing happened the month before too.

I've had it! I'm switching back to Federal!

Remington makes some good products, but apparently quality .22lr is not their forte.