Sunday, September 2, 2007

Robyn Ringler Takes Her Marbles and Goes Home

I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, but today on Robyn's blog she announced she was closing comments. This follows the Brady Bunch closing comments on their own blog after getting hammered by pro-gun commenter's with the facts on their side. She of course tries to blame this on everything from "Death Threats" to the phases of the moon, and singles out one blogger in particular.

Honestly, this isn't a big loss as she has been deleting comments from people who had facts to refute her mostly emotional pleas. If she did let a comment get through, it was invariably from someone who couldn't control them self, with the intention of painting the pro-civil rights commenter's in a bad light. This in addition of allowing people who agreed with her to flame those who didn't and then deleting the comments the person would make in their defense. There was never any real attempt on her part to openly discuss the issues.

Seriously though, we can still comment on her disinformation on our blogs and it'll automatically be linked to her blog and name, guaranteeing a search engine hit refuting her misinformation.

So long Robyn, it was fun while it lasted, even though you never did let many pro-gun comments get though.