Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sharpshooter Shootout Match Results

Well, I did okay in the match, 6th in a field of 14 (154 of 260 possible points). I was the only one shooting a Ruger 10/22, in fact I was the only one shooting .22lr period. Most of the other shooters used .308's and I saw two or three .22-250's there as well, plus a .17 or two... Let me tell you, getting a slow moving (1000 FPS), light weight (40gn) projectile to impact a 1.5" target from 100 yards isn't easy.

The match was held in three rounds of ten shots each, plus as many sighters as we wanted. The first target I got five shots in the black circles and kept improving until the third and final target I had most of them in the black. At that point though it was over and my score reflected the low scoring targets. I'm not whining, don't get me wrong. My misses seemed to hover around the two inch mark, which is fine for small game, but bad for paper. ;-)

Oh well, I had fun. Winning would have been great, but that's not why I shoot matches. In fact, if I'm not having fun shooting, I can't see much point in it.

I'm thinking perhaps if I switched to a caliber with a little more "umph" behind it I might fare a little better. My suspicion is that the wind may have been playing havoc with my POI. *shrug* Well, I have some time to think about it until the next match.

One thought I had was perhaps scoping one of my milsurp rifles like my Mosin Nagant M91/30, or perhaps saving up the cash and getting an AR-15. The problem with that though is I'm not a rich guy and saving up that kind of money is hard for me to do.

Anyway, I'll think of something!