Monday, September 3, 2007

The Brady Campaign...the Criminal's Best Friend

In actuality, this could apply to any of the anti-freedom groups out there. They say "We don't want to ban your guns!" and then work actively to ban them and defend gun bans already in existence. They say, "We need sensible (common sense) gun laws!" while backing feel good legislation that does nothing to help crime and does more to hurt the law abiding gun owners. We have 20,000+ gun laws in this country already, if that many gun laws haven't solved the problem, then what makes them think another one will have any more effect?

Criminals laugh at gun laws, plain and simple. They routinely break the law as it is, so why should they care about one more? The criminals will be armed, that is a fact. Even in the "gun free Utopia" of England and Australia, criminals seem to have an inexhaustible supply of firearms available to them. It's no surprise to me and others like me that the violent crime level went up shortly after the law abiding citizens were forcibly disarmed.

Criminals prefer unarmed victims. In an interview with John Stossel, which was broadcast on nation wide TV, inmates openly admitted they chose victims who they thought would be unarmed. They admitted liking gun control laws because it made their job easier, and boasted how easy it was for them to get a gun if they wanted to. Criminals don't buy their guns at the local Wal-mart or gun store, and as a result, they don't have to pass a background check; it's simply 'cash & carry' for them.

So as the anti-rights groups keep pounding away at our second amendment freedoms, all they are doing is empowering the criminal element. Is this really what they want to do? Probably not, but it makes you wonder. I'm sure there are some wonderful, but misguided people who are anti-gun. The problem is, they are so invested in their beliefs that no amount of "Reasoned Discourse" will ever change their minds. When someone presents facts that disprove their closely cherished world view, they just stick their fingers in their ears and say "lalalalalalalala - I can't hear you!" Case in point, Paul Helmke and Robyn Ringler. They couldn't take the heat, so they closed comments on their blogs. This does nothing to stop people with facts from disagreeing with them, but it means they don't have to hear it.

I will never delete a comment just because the commenter disagrees with me, but I will not stand for personal attacks or rudeness. Luckily I've been troll free to this point, but just in case, that is my policy.

In Sarah Brady's Utopian fantasy, guns have been banned, pure and simple. If she and her cohorts were honest with the American public they would admit this. And in this Utopian future, while you and I are disarmed and left to our own devices, the criminals will still have their weapons... Like sheep to the slaughter. Like I said before...

Criminals prefer unarmed victims!