Sunday, September 2, 2007

Yuri's sister goes shooting.

She's never touched a gun in her life until yesterday let alone shoot one.

I gifted her with a free range trip for her birthday, and to my surprise she accepted. Previously, she has been ambivalent to against guns.

After giving her safety and technical instruction, we left for the range. At the range we went back over the technical aspects (she read the range safety rules on arrival) and I set her up with my Ruger 22/45 with the Red Dot on it. I did let her shoot my Ruger GP100 with light .357 Magnum loads in it, but she didn't really like the extra recoil compared to the 22/45. To her credit though, she did shoot all six shots.

We went through over 300 rounds of .22lr and I shot about 50 rounds of .357 Magnum while I was there. I would have shot more, but I was busy loading magazines for her.

After we were done and on the way home she told me she had had a great time, and would like to do it again. She even called her husband and told him about it and he wants to come down next time and go to the range with me too. :-)

Guys, take your friends and family to the range and let them shoot, they'll have a blast and come away from the experience with a different attitude toward shooting and guns.