Sunday, September 30, 2007


What was it the anti's were saying about guns only being in the hands of law enforcement and the military? After all, they're the Only Ones professional enough to handle a gun, dontcha know... I'm surprised all of us Gun Nuts haven't managed to "accidentally" kill each other and ourselves by now, being as stupid and bumbling as we are. Everyone knows that a gun is way too complicated for us mere peons to properly handle. I could go on, but I think you get the point. I don't buy the "bump AD" either. Someone didn't follow the four rules and had their booger hook on the bang switch.


Gun range accident: Cop kills fellow officer

September 30, 2007
BY TOM WYATT Post-Tribune

A Gary auxiliary police officer was killed Saturday afternoon when a fellow volunteer officer's gun accidentally discharged a bullet into the man's chest. (How the hell does this happen? -Yuri)

Kevin Weaver, 49, died at St. Margaret Mercy Hospital in Dyer. He and two other reserve officers were training at Deb's Gun Range in Hammond, Hammond Police Chief Brian Miller said.

About 3 p.m., Gary police said Reserve Officer Gerald Horton, 52, was attempting to clear his weapon when Weaver accidentally bumped into Horton, causing Horton's gun to fire a .45-caliber round. (Again, how does this happen? -Yuri)

'A real tragedy' for Gary

"He was a good officer, a veteran, and a good man," Terry Smith, head of Gary's auxiliary police program, said of Weaver, a Merrillville resident who leaves behind a wife and three children.

Gary Mayor Rudy Clay, who returned from Washington, D.C., on Saturday afternoon, learned of the shooting after exiting his airplane at Midway Airport.

"This is just a real tragedy here," Clay said.

"He was a good man and did some good deeds for a lot of people. His good deeds will live forever."

Weaver, a reservist since 1990, was a longtime custodian for the Gary School Corp. and owned a cleaning company.

"He was a hardworking man," Gary police Cmdr. Samuel Roberts said.