Friday, December 28, 2007

Alexander Tristan Riley

aka Culturologist aka ATR aka NRAfourever aka BUSTED!

This pimple on societies ass left several steaming piles of crap in comments on my blog, which being rather vulgar and insulting in nature, I deleted. He also attempted to do the same on my other blog, but I intercepted those. He then proceeded to do the same at several other 2A blogs.

Shortly after this pustule did this, he started his own blog (actually third or fourth) with the sole intention of portraying gun owners as vulgar, racist and illiterate rednecks. Shortly after this another blog was opened with the sole purpose of attacking Mike Adams, with whom he apparently disagreed.

While looking through my logs and the posted logs of the other bloggers he'd hit, I noticed that all of the attacks came from Lewisburg, PA. Alex is a professor at Bucknell University which just happens to be located in Lewisburg, PA. Hmmm... BUSTED!

Shortly after this the blogs began to disappear. What would cause ATR to remove the blogs? Turns out he just became a board member of CeaseFire PA. Gee, wouldn't all of those disgusting things he'd said on his blogs and YouTube profile be an embarrassment if they were to come to light? Maybe even enough that CF PA would disavow him? You'd think so wouldn't you. That still remains to be seen. I know I wouldn't want his kind associated with me or an organization I was involved with.

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