Sunday, December 30, 2007

What do his students think of him?

Thanks to we get an inside look at what kind of person ATR is in real life. Does any of this sound familiar? LOL

Thanks to Robb at Sharp as a Marble for uncovering this gem!

"terrible. 8 AM class where he lectures often times about nothing we are doing. he will go on tangents for about 20 minutes. his tests are insane where he will give you a fill in the blank and the answer is just a random word (cool,boring) that you barely talked about in class. AVOID."

"He scares me. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!"

"He seems to hate all students, especially the kind of student who is really not smart enough to be in college but whose parents bought his way in anyway."

"alexander...needs to be more organized. tests are unpredictable... memorization--nothing conceptual. he talks to fast toward the end of class and gets on random tangents about things that arent important to testing. this class scares me. who knows about grades. hes kinda funny tho. interesting guy--shouldnt be a teacher"