Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wise Words From Uncle Ted

Gun-free zones get people killed
Ted Nugent
December 10, 2007 12:00 PM

Here we go again. Someone tell me why, with nearly 3,000 articles written worldwide within 48 hours following the tragic slaughter at the Omaha, Neb. Westroads Mall last week, not a single article mentioned the most important fact of all -- that there were "no guns allowed" in the mall?

What helped cause the tragedy is the liberal dream known as "gun-free zones." Guns also weren't allowed at Columbine High School, Virginia Tech University, Luby's cafeteria in Killeen, Texas, and every other location where the wanton slaughter of unarmed, helpless victims is a virtual guarantee.

It is truly anti-American and downright bizarro that private property and business owners can deny (that is, "infringe" on) this "inalienable" right bestowed upon free men by our Creator.

Consider what happened last year at a Salt Lake City mall. An armed off-duty cop properly defied that mall's "gun-free" policy and thwarted a mass shooting that was about to unfold.

How dense must someone be to hide from this information? Denial runs deep in a growing population of "we the sheeple." For shame.

When did a nation of rugged individuals turn into helpless whiners, crying and running in fear from danger and evil?

When did we abandon our natural instinct to counterpunch and attack evil, overpowering it and neutralizing it into submission?

When were we forced to dial 9-1-1, wasting precious, decisive time, instead of doing the right thing and stopping bad guys ourselves? When did we trade in independence for dependency? It's pathetic.

Every day in this country, according to the Department of Justice and other studies, armed, law-abiding citizens stop dangerous, violent confrontations from escalating into death and tragedy simply by having a gun handy to provide real "equality" on the mean streets of America.

Dedicated cops will tell you that they can't possibly be there to protect us. By the time the police show up, many innocents will likely perish at the hands of evil while good people hang around hoping and praying.

I would highly recommend that we finally learn from all these senseless tragedies. Get real. Get rid of politicians who support gun-free slaughter zones. Get rid of gun-free zones. Get a gun, learn to use it and do the right thing.

Bad guys should be shot dead, not Christmas shoppers.

Ted Nugent, the Motor City Madman, is a rock singer, hunter and board member of the National Rifle Association. Please mail letters to The Detroit News, Editorial Page, 615 W. Lafayette, Detroit, MI 48226, or fax them to (313) 222-6417 or e-mail them to