Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sarah Brady Cries! Film at Eleven!

Last Friday I went up to my range to practice for the monthly Plate Match which was held the next day. I was unable to go to the match because of a family emergency, but still it was good to get some trigger time in anyway.

Thanks to Robb at Sharp as a Marble, I had a fresh supply of "Every time you hit a bullseye, Sarah Brady cries!" targets with me. Thanks Robb! They're great targets and the guys at the range loved them. :-)

Here's the scoop on the Plate Match. The .22lr division shoots a 6" plate from about 15 - 17 yards, roughly the same distance as the pistol range. Robb's targets have one big 10" target and two 6" targets. First I'd warm up on the large target and then shoot the lower targets rapid fire to simulate the Plate Match. Rapid fire meaning 3-4 shots a second until I'd emptied the magazine (10 rounds). In this case, hitting anywhere within the 6" circle is considered a hit, as it would certainly knock down the steel plate at the match. Having the targets the same size as the plates worked out great too!

Here we have an example of the target I was using:

And here are a selection of smaller targets in no particular order. I should point out that most of the "misses" on the smaller targets can be traced to screw-ups in shooting the larger target. Usually when I got a little too fast for my own good. *blush*

Next Friday, my birthday oddly enough, I intend to make another range trip to re-sight-in my SKS. Seems last time I shot it, the recoil was harsh enough to loosen the set screws on the scout mount. I took it down and applied lock-tite to them and put everything back together. When I did I noticed that the red dot was no longer anywhere near where the rifle was pointing. I've bore sighted it down the hall, but it definitely needs to be re-sighted before I trust it to 100 yards again. And yes, I'll be shooting more Sarah Brady targets too. :-) Time willing I'll try and get more hand gun practice in and perhaps try out some of my newly minted Mosin rounds. We'll see...