Monday, December 31, 2007

CeaseFire's Goals

From their website:

"CeaseFire PA Goals:
  • Reduction of illegal handgun trafficking by requiring gun owners to report lost and stolen firearms, and by limiting most handgun buyers to no more than one handgun purchase per month.
  • Closure of the gun show loophole at the federal level.
  • Public access to federal crime gun tracing data.
  • Effective product safety standards for firearms.
  • The eradication of needless gun violence."

I wish they were honest and came right out and say what their ultimate goal is, the complete ban and confiscation of all legally held firearms, but that wouldn't get them anywhere. It's the same reason that HANDGUNCONTROL.ORG changed its name to the friendlier Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. I guess it was the word CONTROL that was throwing many people off. I mean who could be against preventing gun violence? Of course this still follows on the anti's fixation on the method of violence instead of the violence itself. With people like these it's all about control, period.

Anyway, going down the list. I don't think anyone is against reducing the amount of weapons in the hands of criminals, but I have serious problems with the stated remedies. For one, putting a legal requirement on law abiding gun owners to report a gun theft within a certain time frame will do nothing to stop guns from getting into the hands of criminals. Also, every gun owner that I know would willingly tell the authorities if their property was stolen. Another problem with this is what if the gun owner is out of town or doesn't realize his property is missing. There is no legal way that a criminal can be compelled to give up that his gun was stolen, so why are they trying to make criminals out of good people? This is one of those ideas, like microstamping, that may sound good on paper, but in real life it just won't work as expected.

One hand gun a month will stop or reduce gun violence. Yeah right. Didn't you folks learn anything from Virginia Tech? The killer in this case followed the law and purchased his handguns one at a time; one a month. That's because this absurd proposal was/is the law in Virginia. Nice try guys, but this just isn't going to work.

My rights aren't a loophole! Did you know that less than 1% of guns criminals used in crimes come from gun shows? Turning that on it's head, this means that more than 99% of the guns sold in the USA aren't used by criminals. There are no evil gun rays that suddenly turn the bearer into a raving, homicidal lunatic. Give it up guys, another strike for you.

The current acting director of the ATF has gone on record as saying that the trace data is already being shared with the law enforcement agencies that need access to it. In addition, public disclosure of this data could put undercover agents and operations at risk. The only reason for wanting the public to have unfettered access to the data are fishing expeditions, looking for information to bolster your rhetoric. If I had as few facts and figures on my side I'd want the same thing, but luckily the facts are on my side. I don't have to resort to pure emotion to win over public support.

I'm not really sure what they mean by "Effective product safety standards for firearms." Firearms are one of the most heavily regulated product in existence. The manufacturers already go through extraordinary lengths to make sure that their products are free from defects and malfunctions. Maybe if instead of the JHP's my Kahr CW-9 spits out at close to the speed of sound it should be shooting out fluffy bunnies instead? How about rainbows and unicorns? No, my carry gun shoots out hot and hard chunks of lead and copper with the sole purpose of stopping a threat to my and my families lives.

I don't know anyone that is against the eradication of criminal violence. Exactly what they consider "needless gun violence" is open to debate. Is me defending myself and my family from a lunatic bent on my demise considered "needless gun violence?" They don't specify. Perhaps "needless gun violence" is a gun being used by anyone except the military or police? Again with the fixation on the tool and not the person using it. Is it better if I'm killed by a criminal with a knife instead of a gun? Inquiring minds want to know...

With the addition of the anti-gun troll ATR, etc... I can tell where their sympathies really lie. As has been demonstrated time after time, they aren't looking for a dialog, they just want a vacuum chamber in which to promulgate their opinions, unencumbered by such silly little things as facts and logic.