Sunday, December 9, 2007

First Hand Omaha Mall Shooting Account

Click on over to Joe's Crabby Shack and read the whole thing. I believe this should be a MUST read for everyone. This account is from a person present in the Von Maur store, and when the shooting started he was only about 30 yards from the shooter. How he got out alive when others further away from the shooter than he was didn't is a miracle. His account is absolutely terrifying and I will never go anywhere unarmed, let alone the mall. These "Gun Free Killing Zones" have got to come down. All they do is disarm the good people while empowering the bad guys.

Here's a short excerpt from this man's account.

"When I heard the first round of gunshots, I knew what they were but didn’t want to believe it. I tried to think that they were balloons or fireworks. However, I definitely took a defensive stance ready to run.

When I saw the shooter, I stood there for nearly 5 seconds just watching.


First, he was firing 90 degrees away from me. The thing is, this image was nothing new to me. I see people shooting all the time at the range, on TV, in video games. But what my brain was having a hard time processing was that was Van Maur.

Now back to the point I referenced earlier.

Honestly, and as God as my witness, when I saw him shooting and as watched for a few seconds trying to figure out what he was going to do and what I should do, the thought that went through my mind was, “If I had a gun, I have a perfect shot.”

Yes, a perfect shot. I had a full side profile, I was close, and no one was visible behind him except a wall. I had a clear shot during the second round of fire. I told this to every cop I came in contact with. The interviewer agreed.

When I realized that I had no gun, fear instantly struck me, along with anger, and severe panic.

I ran hard.

I did not think to try to help people, I just got out."